TYCHOS.info is live!

Team Tychos is very pleased to announce that Simon’s hard work has been fully organized and released in the form of this site.

March 21, 2018 — the date that our group of researchers known for diligent skepticism announced and endorsed the truth that the Sun (and its two moons Mercury and Venus) rotates at a tilted ecliptic around a non-tilted Earth and the Earth moves at 1 mph in a 25344-year Great Year orbit around empty space. In the new understanding, Mars is a binary companion of the Sun with its own two moons, and Mars orbits around the Sun and Earth and — according to Stellar Metamorphosis theory — planets and stars may be older and younger versions of the same phenomenon.

But there is so much more that this understanding begins to “open up” …

The PDF is well underway and should be forthcoming very soon! A draft is already being reviewed for release, so paying members may expect that before the end of the month, perhaps even just a few days from now. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the full book published on the site right now!

We are working on getting our site switched to HTTPS protocol.

Online edition almost completed …

The online edition is almost complete. We have one more scrub to do of everything as we compile the Bibliography section. Team Tychos (composed of just four people – i.e. Simon Shack and three of his friends, Max, Patrik and Kathy) is thrilled to be publishing the TYCHOS model very very soon!

There will eventually be a PDF version and ePub version available for TYCHOS subscriber-members. News of a printed edition will be found here too! These will take longer as we are not using HTML to format the book, and we will be reproducing what has been accomplished here online, while obviously under certain limitations. For example, the printed word does not have the benefit of moving animations or clickable hyperlinks. However, we will make printed and eBook versions self contained, thorough and appropriate to their respective formats!

Anyway, there really is nothing quite like a good old-fashioned paper book.