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MARCH 21, 2019 :
THE NEW TYCHOSIUM 3D HAS BEEN RELEASED! (free access – GNU licensed Open Source)

The Tychosium is the only existing interactive simulator that conforms to all empiric astronomical observations of our solar system’s bodies in relation to themselves – AND in relation to the stars. It is a joint effort by Simon Shack and Patrik Holmqvist, based on Tycho Brahe’s geoheliocentric model.

The Tychosium 3D program is a work in continuous progress and presently includes:

  • adjustable system speed control
  • full spatial 3D toggling control
  • ability to set the date & time of day
  • orbital tracing function for each planetary orbit
  • most of our solar system’s main bodies (minus Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)
  • Earth cam viewing option (experimental)

Future versions will be expanded upon soon. Enjoy!

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