TYCHOS.info is live!

Team Tychos is very pleased to announce that Simon’s hard work has been fully organized and released in the form of this site.

March 21, 2018 — the date that our group of researchers known for diligent skepticism announced and endorsed the truth that the Sun (and its two moons Mercury and Venus) rotates at a tilted ecliptic around a non-tilted Earth and the Earth moves at 1 mph in a 25344-year Great Year orbit around empty space. In the new understanding, Mars is a binary companion of the Sun with its own two moons, and Mars orbits around the Sun and Earth and — according to Stellar Metamorphosis theory — planets and stars may be older and younger versions of the same phenomenon.

But there is so much more that this understanding begins to “open up” …

The PDF is well underway and should be forthcoming very soon! A draft is already being reviewed for release, so paying members may expect that before the end of the month, perhaps even just a few days from now. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the full book published on the site right now!

We are working on getting our site switched to HTTPS protocol.

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