Alpha Centauri


Will you be adding a. Centauri A, a. Centauri B., Proxima Centauri, and Proxima b to the 3d simulator?  Do you have data or a prediction as to how the system operates between Saturn and Jupiter; will it be similar to how the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Phobos, and Deimos interact between Jupiter and Earth?


Dear Matthew,

Yes, we are planning to add in the future a number of stars to the Tychosium.

As you probably know, the TYCHOS stipulates that the stars are about 42633X closer than currently believed. This would place our nearmost star system (Centauri A/B and Proxima a/b) at about 6.3AU - which is roughly "halfway" between Jupiter and Saturn. However, please note that the Centauri system would NOT be part of our solar system, since it is located on a completely different orbital plane than ours. The smaller binary pair (Proxima a & B) being rather distant from the larger binary pair (Centauri A & B), my best guess would be that the smaller pair circles around the larger one - a bit like the Pluto-Charon binary duo circles around our Sun-Mars binary system.


Thanks.  The different inclination is very interesting.  Would be great to see in the simulator.  Cheers!