Meteor showers


I started to read the book a couple of days ago, but I came to think of meteor showers. This was my understanding how it worked before I started to read about the Tychos:

"Each time a comet swings by the sun, it produces copious amounts of meteoroid sized particles which will eventually spread out along the entire orbit of the comet to form a meteoroid "stream." If the Earth’s orbit and the comet’s orbit intersect at some point, then the Earth will pass through this stream for a few days at roughly the same time each year, encountering a meteor shower."

How is this explained in the Tychos system? I guess since the sun is rotating/moving around earth the meteorid streams simply moves with the sun?


Dear Timo !

I wish to send you my warmest thanks for your very good question - as it inspired me to look deeper into the question of the recurring / annual meteor showers. I was initially stumped as well as pretty darn worried - and it took me a good few days to calm down and recollect, as it appeared (on first verification) that the official explanation for the meteor showers was somewhat plausible.

Not so! The meteor showers cannot possibly be explained by Earth smashing into trails of cometary debris!

And here's why: